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Wordup95's gameplay for Tibia (PC)

Wordup95 played Tibia

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Wordup95 said...
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So, I officially quit Perfect World. I'm really sorry to everyone in MysticAve, especially Kaim. You guys were great, but Tibia is the one game that keeps pulling me back, and I don't want to quit again :/.

So, after that public apology (Again, sorry) I'm getting pulled back into Tibia, which was my first MMO (Priston Tale was my first 3d one, haha). For some reason, every year or two I get hooked back becuase of some big update to Tibia (Which are seasonal, big updates usually in Summer or Winter). This time, Cipsoft (Company that runs tibia) decided to add more outfits, more areas, area tweaks, more spells, more weapons, the whole 9 yards. So, I made myself a new character, who is currently level 16 and residing in Liberty Bay (Pirate town :D). I'm a Druid (healer type) and I'm in the Balera server, in case anyone wonders. I plan to keep regular updates for this character (Cavalar is his name, couldn't bring myself to ditch the name) so look forward t it :P.

Tibia (PC)

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