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Wordup95's gameplay for Tibia (PC)

Wordup95 played Tibia

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Wordup95 said...
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Advance to level 18, learned a new spell (haste, makes you move faster for a limited time). Moved myself to Port Hope (A jungle town) to hunt in the crocodile caves there. The caves have crocodiles, tortoises, and bloodcrabs in it, but I can only hunt the crocs & turtles, I'm too low level for blood crabs. There seem to be A LOT of botters inside the caves, but they're mainly on the lower levels, so it's okay (A botter is someone who uses a cave bot to hunt monsters without actually being at the computer, as a way of mass leveling.). I saw a botter get banned actually, you see, in tibia, when someone get's banned, they become engulfed in a frozen starlight orb and logged out, then a dust cloud comes up from the light. It's a funny sight, and I would almost feel bad for the guy if he wasn't stealing my kills :D

Tibia (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
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